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apk downloader for windows the most important science research House party

Deterioration of apk download for windows the industry during the reign of Ptolemy III? Due to the deterioration of agricultur Azdharaltgarhalkharget in apk downloader to pc during the reign of Ptolemies? 

Alexandria City facilities established reign of Ptolemy I, who believed that science care leading to the strengthening of the State, to impart the Ptolemaic Howasrth eternity : creating the lighthouse of Alexandria pilotage coming to Alexandria where he sees light, 50 kilometers (30 miles) by mrahaaksh To light one of the ancient seven wonders.

A: 1. lazdharalzraah industry
2. msaralggharavi site in the heart of the ancient world
3. because of the fondness of commercial aspects of the Greeks
4. create ports on the Mediterranean coast, red and customs
5. set up factories for shipbuilding
6. they built lighthouses to guide ships and Customs Affairs
7. minted currency to facilitate trade

Faults:-deterioration of apk download for windows foreign trade at the end of the Ptolemaic?

A: 1-the greed of the Ptolemies and their  apk downloader exaggeration of  apk download for windows taxation
2. tdhoralsanaah and agriculture led to the deterioration of the trade
3. the contraction of foreign property that was a popular market for the disposal of goods
4. the conflict between the Ptolemies walsliokiin trade routes
 what the consequences of a boom industry in Ptolemaic apk downloader to pc ?
C:-1-Middle East countries markets filled with instruments made on the basis of Egyptian
2. many of the displaced rural people to the industrial cities at the forefront of Alexandria a 200
3. combine the sons each craft in certain neighborhoods
4. trade unions consisted to bring workers How to take care of the Ptolemies with agriculture in android apk downloader for p?
1. added new agricultural areas through land reclamation
2. improved irrigation, set up bridges and dug channels and Sakia

Alexandria University : one of the most important studies by doctors trust and appreciation Translation: translation of the Torah Old Testament from Hebrew into Greek during the reign of Ptolemy Months scientists research House

FRY DDS:-in mathematics book in engineering who Apk download basic concepts in astronomy play store  translated to Arabic in the 8th century a.d. arshmids:-in nature not in Alexandria and was lasting contact with scholars of Alexandria Ptolemy: the geography-mapping the world abratsnis:-fil and the geographical perimeter of Earth comes close to real appreciation maniton:-in the history of apk downloader to pc historian and he attend the Pharaonic history divided into 30 families

The library of Alexandria apk download for windows

established by Ptolemy I bgwardaralhakmh to facilitate their scientific researchers scientists became the world's greatest libraries in the era of Ptolemy II and renamed   pain library impose Ptolemies every researcher or scholar or scientist in Alexandria to provide it with a copy of the original works Library remained until the late Ptolemaic period until Julius Caesar burned the apk downloader fleet and extended year

Flame to library waharkthaaam 47 BCE, but Commander Anthony made 200 thousand   folder from library bBergamon tralles as compensation for Queen Cleopatra after several years. total number of books in the library of 700,000 book folder

BA neighbourhoods project: build the project President Mubarak with the assistance of UNESCO and compiled contributions from fraternal and friendly States for library contains everything produced by the human mind in all The end of Ptolemaic governance weak State in late Ptolemaic ever?

1. taxes led to the poor economic conditions of android apk downloader for pc
2. weak ability to preserve apk downloade's foreign property
3. frequent ongoing wars between them and the Seleucids
4. enable the Seleucids by defeating the Ptolemaic army and expelled from Syria during the reign of Ptolemy III
5. the conflict between Ptolemaic Royal family members
6. Roman intervention in the Affairs of android apk downloader for pc the Interior

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