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Apk download basic concepts in astronomy play store

Then they apk download calculated Chaldeans times eclipses Eclipse and indicated that the length of the year is 365 days  google play store apk and 6 hours and 15 minutes and 41 seconds, it is noteworthy that the Muslim world, Al-battani (850 – 929 a.d.) had monitored the planets very accurately, and was the first to reach the correct year. It has $ battani b 365 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes, 32 seconds, while identified by Ptolemy by 365 days and 5 hours and 55 minutes and 12 seconds, either in real terms reached by modern scholars by the telescope is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds.

It was for the Pharaohs in the Nile Valley on great astronomy, due to several reasons, such as connecting heavenly to worship, where they worshipped the Sun, moon, planets and stars, and some believed the Pharaohs also a correlation between the movement of celestial objects in the sky, between the flood of the Nile River. The free google play store apk download Giza pyramids and Zodiac picture carved on the ceiling of Dendera's temple, indicating progress in this area.

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download google play store app free download  have worked in astronomy apk download  since the beginning of their history in the third millennium BCE, as a result of the need to control the flood waters of the River Nile, by knowing the time starting this flood. When they realized that the flooding associated with the Sun (chapters) and no  Moon, the Nile flood coincided with the star SIRIUS (Sirius)

People have long thought, that the pyramids  google play store apk in download google play store app for windows 8 , built to be the tombs of the Kings of the Pharaohs until you save the bodies from looting and tampering, but modern science has discovered that of the Egyptian pyramids and many other objectives, and build many cloaked secrets. Modern discovery story started in 1979 by a young Belgian origin, born in Alexandria and named Robert boval, is interested in the study of ancient pharaonic civilization, when he read a book talking is interesting and sexy about the star Sirius, and rituals followed by the "aldoghon" which took place thousands of years ago in establishing ritual ceremony once every 50 years, this ritual is a simulation of the star Sirius , Also indicate that this star companion  google play store apk spins around once every 50 years.

It also shows through modern scientific studies, a companion to  The survey system android apk downloader for pc SIRIUS is a "white dwarf" spins around once every 50 years, and it is impossible to see with the naked eye and not watch only big astronomical observatories in 1970.

Since then taking boval is interested in ancient download google play store app for windows 8  antiquities, where it predicted only dugout for science and ancient secrets, after more than ten years spent in the study of the download google play store app free download  pyramids, boval to detect many puzzles that were surrounding the Egyptian pyramids thousands of years ago.
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Boval reached that three huge apk downloader pyramids, Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, a move to image three stars lined belt known as Orion (Orion). It is noteworthy that the stars of Orion belt West of the river the Galaxy (the Milky Way), as well as the three pyramids are situated west of the River Nile!

Then came the Arabic civilization which flourished google play store  in the sciences, arts and culture, where astronomical studies played an important role in those prosperous civilization, because religious and secular significance.

Astronomical studies were at the Arab Abbasid  apk confined to monitor certain planets and their movements as well as the Sun and moon, and their relationship with Eclipse and Eclipse, add the horoscopes and the incline mechanism astronomy Arabic civilization and degradation called astrology, contrary to the Islamic faith. They have contributed a lot of Persian astrology and the Magi to appeal to Islam, especially in the era of  free google play store apk download the Abbasid Caliphate

I care about the Arabs this much attention leading to know apk  the locations of countries and the movement of the Sun in the Zodiac and twilight conditions underlying red to set the prayer from one country to another and from one day to another, as well as the required knowledge of the direction of the Qibla in addition to designated they put conditions for sighting and twilight conditions, put accounts and new ways has been one of them to determine the start of Ramadan based on sighting and identifying the time of fasting and breakfast time.

The Arabs with the transfer and translation of  google play store literature apk download  and the astronomical tables of Nations that preceded them as Greece and Chaldeans and Babylonians, Indians, and others. But they developed astronomy and they increased him valuable information and correct errors of those Nations. And did not stand at the theoretical studies only, but have astronomical and other acts related to astronomy scientifically. One of the most important matters reached by the Arabs, is to measure the distance between the planets and the Earth using the phenomenon of parallax (parallax allos) that is still used nowadays, in spite of the evolution of different devices. Qatar Arabs have by ball ground and orbiting its axis and around the sun before Copernicus by centuries. It also caught the movement the height of the Sun (which is the highest point reached by the Sun during the day) and overlap with other orbit orbit. And spotted the spring and autumnal septemberautumnal Equinox, and knew also sunspots by Europe.

For this, we note that for Arabs as well as significant to astronomy download . He made note of mathematically based on Astronomical and mathematical and engineering bases to explain cosmic astronomical phenomena. And their goal is to make free apk download for android  sure the old astronomical observations made by their predecessors of the Nations, and compared with the results of new arsadhm accomplished, they've got modern results differ from previous results, as the Arabs to purge the Astronomy of astrological ideas and myths which crept back into ATF deterioration of their civilization and tucking the people.

When I look at the sky at night net non-moonlit, see a lot play store  of bright objects scattered in the sky. And often comes to mind km away such objects? How many are there? And what is our place in the universe? In order for us to understand these questions we must recognize these bright objects, and stand upon its advantages. Here I would like to ask several questions:
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1. What is the area of research in astronomy?
First we must distinguish between two different words (lisaan):
N. Astronomy: the managed path, meaning  all in FLAC swim  download Surat Yassin
P. Astronomy: meaning ship, Palm tree that astronomy  conducted at sea by the grace of God 
Luqman 31.
If, astronomy is a science that examines the free apk download for android  trajectories play store  and orbits of various celestial objects, such as planets, stars and other. Either in a foreign language, called astronomy, astronomia-Astronomy, the origin of the Greek word, which is the integration of two words:

Here we see that astronomy foreign language means "laws of objects", and this effect is very similar to the meaning of the word astronomy in Arabic language. And God bless son cub Hakim Al-Baghdadi philosopher, says: Lord dear Falak Palm House mean so an admin or forced Lord tell us any respect in understanding you alert RSS feed

2. what celestial objects.
Celestial is an all natural objects in outer space, regardless of the download  block this enormous qualities.
3. What is outer space –

Is a area located outside the gas atmosphere () of the Earth. Either gaseous atmosphere, called the inner space In er.Outer space features several key features, including:

1. vacuum – a lack of substance.
2. darkness.
3. press zero.
4. temperature in outer space 2.7 K (-270C).
5. deep sleep.
6. zero gravity.

Therefore, when we talk about talking  free apk download for android about all celestial objects floating in outer space. To differentiate between the various celestial scientifically we have to divide the objects into groups with similar characteristics.

These objects: gaseous bodies. gaseous composition 71% hydrogen, 28% helium and 1% different gases. very large block, block the star must be greater than 0.1 Sun block (MStar > 0.1 MSun). diameters of stars is measured in millions of kilometres. autonomous power source, this power derives from the process of nuclear fusion  outgoing rays are very strong and are called light.

The Sun is a star of average size compared to the rest  evozi's apk downloader of the stars. Stars stones are fundamental to the universe. Thus constitute about 90% of the stars of the universe, in other words when we look at the Planetarium at night and see the bright objects, most of what we see is the star. Stars differ from each other in primitive star cluster, whereas the block that determines the age of the star. The question here is, what is the source of energy in stars? As mentioned earlier, the mass of the stars is too large, and this increases pressure in the centers of stars, leading to an increase in temperature. The increase in pressure and temperature leads to the so-called nuclear fusion of hydrogen, this nuclear fusion produces helium and enormous energy, such as energy produced by the Sun.

World famous Einstein conducted accurate calculations to figure out the amount of energy from the Sun, and the Sun turned 600 million tons of hydrogen into 596 million tons of helium every second, the difference between them is 4 million tons, converted into energy. Figure 1: lose the Sun every second of 4 million tons of mass into energy.

How do we receive this energy google play store apk ?

Energy moves from one place to another, in three different forms:

1. plug-Conduction: To transfer thermal energy from one place to another, you must be in contact between two different cool temperatures. Example when hold piece of ice, we note that the widget begins with fusion. The reason for this is because our body temperature is higher than the temperature of the ice, so the transition temperature of our body into a piece of ice and thus lead to fusion.

2. transfer – Convection:
Energy moves from one place to another,  evozi's apk downloader with the help of an agent or broker, such as water or air currents.

Figure 3: transfer of energy through Convection broker

For example, the surface temperature of the globe is generally higher than the temperature of the upper atmosphere, so move the heat from the Earth's surface to the upper atmosphere, depending on air currents, that air currents transporting heat relatively high from the Earth's surface to the upper atmosphere.

3. radiation-Radiation:
This method differs from previous methods in that it  evozi apk downloader does not need an intermediary for the transfer of energy or contact of the plug. This method is one of the most effective ways of transferring energy from one place to another. In the first and second methods quite Dept of energy is lost when moving between two places. In this way, we don't lose power. For example, the Sun's rays from the Sun and the stars through the cosmic vacuum up the Earth's surface  download google play store app free download  the need for an intermediary to transfer energy. These rays that emanate directly from the body, characterized by intensity and strength that can hurt the eye, called the light, for it is said the sunlight (Starlight).

B. planets – plantas-Planets:
Are distinct objects: solids or gas. opaque objects. surface cool. small mass relative to the stars, less than 0.1 Sun block (MPlanet < 0.1 MSun). the diameters of planets between 5,000 km – 200,000 km. do not have a power source. can view these objects if you fall and sunlight reflected back to Earth, so the rays reflected are weak and called the light.

J. moons or satellites – irachim-Moons:

Is the smallest of the planets, objects that have the same evozi apk downloader  characteristics of the planets. But revolves around planets, such as the moon revolves around the Earth. Generally ranging between satellites diameters 1000 km-5000 km.

Dr. asteroids – asteroaidim – Asteroids-Planetoid:
A rocky or icy objects very small diameters ranging between centimetres to 1000 km. Rocky asteroids are concentrated in very large belt called the asteroid belt, this belt between Mars and Jupiter. Either the icy asteroids are concentrated in two main ORT and belt kiobr belt, these are the belts hidden on the outskirts of the solar system any beyond Neptune.

E. Comets – shvits-Comets
Is the icy balls (mixture of ice and gases such as ammonia, download google play store app free download  methane and carbon dioxide) are too far away from the Sun varies between dimensions 30AU to 25000AU. In these dimensions is not a neo fault called asteroids, and when approaching the Sun, and some of these begins 5AU solubility composed long trail behind, and then called the comet. Source naming comets Comet in English, Greek and means of long hair.

Unpublished letters:

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Reports and papers:
1. Mohamed Jalal Ahmed Hashim, culture and development of the Nile in Nubia, message as Orion, unpublished.
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The late Mohamed Ali Mohamed (80) years, Sai DVI, audio cassette recorder dated 5/10/2002

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