Saturday, April 25, 2015

google play apk Varied research topics by diverse disciplines in the sample

Notes apk downloader on scientific google play apk research workers follows: limited enrolment in higher education in the Arab world (14.9%) Compared with the developed countries (61.1%), Egypt (18.1%) Wasrael (41.1%) This raises concerns about the ability of the Arabic countries to compete in the world of science and knowledge of the most important sources of strength and wealth (19) The total number of personnel engaged in science and technology activities in Egypt with about 120,000 individual 50,000 scientists and engineers working in the enterprise in the form of sections 318 and plants or multidisciplinary centres, featuring scientists and engineers among them distinguished scientific personalities and competencies in science and technology activities are distributed among the sectors of performance as follows: higher education sector 71.3%-16.2%-production sector public service sector 12.5% academic qualifications as follows : Doctor of philosophy 31.7%. Ms 18.7%-23.9% BS-technical diplomas 25.7%, either according to areas of specialization are natural sciences medical sciences-22.8% 22.8%-engineering science and technology agricultural sciences 15.7% 14.7%-24.0% Social Sciences (22)